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At DreamYorkie it’s extremely important for us to give our visitors not only great food and drinks, but an extraordinary experience that has the potential to leave lasting memories for years to come. So whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, come wag out your stress by spending a few hours with us — your most trusted Puppy Cafe.

Upcoming Events

  • Event
    Thu, Jan 09
    San Francisco
    Jan 09, 2025, 11:30 AM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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  • Event
    Thu, Feb 06
    San Francisco
    Feb 06, 2025, 10:00 AM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Nothing Like It
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    Mon, Mar 17
    San Francisco
    Mar 17, 2025, 5:00 PM
    San Francisco, CA, USA
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